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Do you fancy surrounding your home with white picket fence? Or do you find paneled fence to
be more attractive and appropriate to the style of your home? Do you want to upgrade your
existing fence to adapt to the current designs available in the market? Is privacy is big factor you

Regardless of what your fencing necessities and specifications may be, we’ve got you covered at
League City Fence. We understand that one of the reasons our clients come to us is because
they want to ensure the security and safety of their space by having the right fence in place. Our
mission is to cater to the every fencing need of our client—from choosing the type of fence,
installing and even providing upkeep services.

The Services We Offer:

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Privacy Fencing

As the name suggests, privacy fencing provides ample privacy to
homeowners who want to keep their activities away from the public. This also works
great for anyone who is trying to beautify their garden or create a landscape haven due
to the visual appeal that privacy fences can provide.

This type of fencing is available in different types of materials, though wood is the most
popular and prevalent variety that most homeowners opt for due to their several
advantages such as durability and less maintenance.

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Cedar Fencing

Cedar is considered ‘king’ when it comes to privacy fencing for your
backyard. It is popular for its ability to retain its look for years and resist shrinking or
warping due to insects or decay. Due to its very tight grain, cedar can offer homeowners
with maximum privacy.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl has become a popular option among homeowners building fence
around their home or property. Compared to other popular types of materials available,
vinyl fencing is highly remarkable due to its durable finish, aesthetic appearance and
lasting ability. They can also be customized to mimic your desired design. Installation
wise, vinyl fencing tends to consume less time. Once installed, you can leave it as it is.
With little effort on the maintenance, you can expect for the fence to stay in their good
condition for years without worrying about molds, rust, rot, mildew or discoloration.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Homeowners seeking for high-end and decorative fencing for
their homes. There are more benefits that it offers than what most people know. While
they come a bit pricey, it does offer years of excellent service when it comes to providing
your home with utmost security and aesthetic. The many styles available help
homeowners match their fence with the overall style of their home. The intricate designs
featured in the fencing makes a striking appearance that cannot go unnoticed.

Compared to other fencing options, wrought iron requires little maintenance making it an
excellent choice for busy homeowners. Extremely durable, these fences are designed to
last a long time.

Dog Runs

Feel comfortable about letting your pet go outside, whether you are at home
or not with dog runs. The need to take your pets out for some play is inevitable but if
you simply don’t have the time or energy to do it, dog runs offer an excellent solution.
This type of fencing is large, giving your dogs with the right amount of space to play

Pool fencing

Pool fences can help protect your kids and pets against major hazards and
accidents brought about by swimming pools in your backyard. Having a pool in your
home requires you to be compliant with safety standards. They make great investments
as most pool fences are guaranteed to be durable and longer lasting. Don’t think twice
about providing your home with additional security.

We can do the maintenance for you, too!

We know how taxing it can be to maintain your fence, especially if it is a huge one. Not to
mention, regular upkeep is key to ensuring that your fence is at its best condition, so it won’t fail
in giving you the security and protection that you need. It is definitely one task you should not

We make the job easier for you through our fence staining and sealing services. League City
Fence is the best and most affordable provider of fencing services in Texas.


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