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Pine pickets are the least expensive option when it comes to choosing pickets for your wood fence.  However, pine pickets tend to have a higher risk of warping, shrinking and buckling.  While cedar pickets cost a bit more, they are more durable without needing any special treament.   They also look nicer and will last longer against the elements over pine ones.  The most common cedar pickets used for fences come from Western Red Cedar.

Most track home builders will opt for the cheapest fence option which are pine pickets with 2 rails.  The construction method uses a top and bottom treated 2×4 to span between the 4×4 post.  The problem is the pickets end up with no support in the middle.  Upgrading to a 3 rail fence will add a 2×4 to span in the middle between the post.  Giving the picket extra support and strenght in 3 places vs 2.  Also adding a bottom rot board will extend the life of the fence by not allowing water / moisture to travel vertically up the pickets.  To accomplish this, a treated 2×6″ board is placed horizontally at the base of the fence line to serve as a rot board for water / moisture.  With the grain being horizontal, it does not easily travel vertically or upward.  Leage City Fence Company will always recommend a 3 rail, bottom rot board fence option to potential customers.

Most fence jobs consisting of 100 feet or less can be completed in 1 day.  Any job with over a 100 feet will take at least 2 days, maybe 3 depending on the job details.  If you have any special needs or concerns please make them aware to League City Fence Company so we can do our best to accommodate them and make sure our crews are told of them in advance.

League City Fence Company accepts payments by way of credit card, check or cash.  Usually the day before or the day of your scheduled fence installation date, you will receive an invoice via email from our Quickbooks software.  You can elect to pay it via credit card online or wait until JR arrives onsite to receive your check or cash payment.  We ask that you do not pay any of the crew to avoid any payment issues.  We can also invoice your neighbors separately if they will be splitting any of the fence sections with you.  Just let us know at the time you wish to schedule your job.  We will need their Full Names, Address, Email and Phone number.

When it comes time to replace a fence section it’s common to have your neighbor split half the cost with you.  It’s best to let them know ahead of time that you are wanting to replace the fence and ready to obtain estimates.  Some subdivision builders have elected to construct what is called a “Good Neighbor” style fence where a section of pickets will face inward and the adjacent section of pickets will face outward.  In that case, it’s a lot easier to have the fence discussion with your neighbor.  In the event that you neighbor does not wish to help in the cost of the new fence, you can always elect to have all the pickets face inward, giving you the better looking side of the fence.  Just make sure your HOA will allow that as an option. 

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