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Hi, my name is JR Gautreaux and I own and operate a fence company that provides affordable and quality fence services in the Taylor Lake Village area.


We provide fencing services for homeowners and commercial business owners.

We install high quality and affordable wood privacy fences and do so with quick turnaround times.

We also offer ornamental steel fencing, chain link fencing, and ranch style fencing!

Fences are a must in today’s society. Think about it, they keep your family and pets safe from intruders as well as safety from trespassers.  Fences also give you the privacy that you need to feel comfortable with yourself and your property.

Privacy is an important consideration when choosing any type of fencing because it provides a way to keep out unwanted sight and sound from your property or other people’s properties nearby.

We offer 5 popular wood fence styles:

P1 – 6 ft Pine Pickets with 3 rails. 6 FT Fence Height (most common home builder fence only have 2 rails)

P2 – 6 ft Pine Pickets with 3 rails and a 2×6 bottom rot board. 6.6 FT Fence Height (if you can’t afford cedar pickets, this is the second best option)

C1 – 6 ft Cedar Pickets with 3 rails. 6 FT Fence Height

C2 – 6 ft Cedar Pickets with 3 rails and a 2×6 bottom rot board. 6.6 FT Fence Height (Our recommended fence install choice)

C3 – 6 ft Cedar. Pickets with 3 rails and a 2×6 bottom rot board with a Top Cap. 6.8 FT Fence Height (Decorated fence style, especially for front facing sections)

Each of the options above can be modified to include 7 ft or 8 ft pickets if you desire. We can also upgrade the 2×6 bottom rot boards to 2×10 or even 2×12 if additional support or height is required.

All options include treated 4×4 pine post and treated pine 2×4 for rails. The frame of the fence is constructed using 3″ steel nails and the pickets are attached with 1 3/4″ galvanized ring shank nails. All of which are common in proper fence construction techniques.

Looking for Ornamental, Chain Link or Ranch Style fencing options in Taylor Lake Village Texas?

We can provide ornamental steel fencing, chain link fencing and ranch style fencing services to you as well.  Just scroll down and book a free estimate using our online calendar. 

Don’t pick a fence company on price alone!

Obviously, there are several fence companies around and some may even offer cheaper quotes. However, we know we offer a good product at a reasonable rate and you can count on us being around even after the job is completed.

We also understand that your house is probably one of the biggest investments decisions you chose to make. So the decision to replace your existing fence should not be made on price alone. Plus a well constructed fence will enhance or keep your property value when it comes time to sell your home.

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Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Cedar Picket Fence


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Pine Picket Fence


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Cedar Double Gate Front


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Cedar Double Gate Back


We Also Offer Ornamental Steel, Chain Link and Ranch Style Fence Services

Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Ranch Style Fence With Wire Mesh


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Wire Panel Framed Fence


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - 24 FT Double Swing Ranch Style Gate


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - 4 FT Ranch Style Wood Gate


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Ornamental Steel Fence Options


Taylor Lake Village Fence Company - Chain Link Fencing


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Privacy Wood Fencing is a great way to ensure your property stays private while still maintaining an elegant appearance. Pine or Cedar Wood fences are a great way to keep unwanted wildlife and people out of your yard. These types of fencing also offer good security as they help to keep those pesky nosy neighbors from gawking through your windows!

Wood picket fences offer a natural feel that blends in with the landscape seamlessly, and they are much easier on the eyes than traditional black-painted metal or chain link fence styles making it one of the best investments you could do for your home or property.

The fences around your property can be a valuable way to increase the value of your home, as well as protect its privacy. Call us today and let’s discuss all of options available to you.

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