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We are proud to offer fence installation services for the residents of Manvel, Texas.

When picking a fence company to install a new fence you need to review a few important things.

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. Do they offer a warranty on material and labor?
  3. How many days will it take to complete the job
  4. What type of construction methods are use?


Let’s take a few minutes and answer the questions above.

We have been in business since 2019; however, we are partnered with a fence company that has been doing fencing in the local area for over 15 years.  Together we run two fence crews.  One crew leader is named Hugo and he has been building fences for over 16 years.  Our second crew leader is named Taez and he has been building fences for over 21 years.  So rest assured when you contract with us to install your fence, you are doing business with a company that employs skilled crews, understands the fence business and will be around for years to come!

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on materials and labor.  At any time during the 1 year period after your fence installation you can reach out to us by phone or email and tell us about any issues you may have.  It can be from replacing a pickets to adjusting a gate.  Just know that we stand behind our materials and workmanship!

Most jobs will be split into 2 or more days.  Typically for fence installation our crew will demo the old fence and also dig the new fence post holes and set them in concrete on the first day.  Then the following day the crew will return and install the rails, rot board and pickets.  Depending on the liner footage, it can take 1 or more days to complete.

We use industry standard methods to perform fence installation.  Where we may differ from other fence companies is that we use a 2x4x14 foot top rails and a 2x6x14 foot beveled rot boards.  Using 14 foot lumber vs 7 foot lumber allows us to build our fence rails and rot boards that secures 3 post together vs just 2.  A lot of fence companies perform fence installation by installing rails and rot boards post to post.  Which is not good and will eventually lead to fence sections leaning one way or the other. 

When deciding on which fence company to go with for your fence installation project, you need to make sure you are comparing the same construction techniques.  Some fence companies offer cheaper pricing per foot and that’s because they are building a less strong fence.  Which will lead to problems down the road.

Don’t pick a fence company on price alone!

Obviously, there are several fence companies around and some may even offer cheaper quotes. However, we know we offer a good product at a reasonable rate and you can count on us being around even after the job is completed.

We also understand that your house is probably one of the biggest investments decisions you chose to make. So the decision to replace your existing fence should not be made on price alone. Plus a well constructed fence will enhance or keep your property value when it comes time to sell your home.

We offer 5 popular wood fence styles:

P1 – 6 ft Pine Pickets with 3 rails. 6 FT Fence Height (most common home builder fence only have 2 rails)

P2 – 6 ft Pine Pickets with 3 rails and a 2×6 bottom rot board. 6.6 FT Fence Height (if you can’t afford cedar pickets, this is the second best option)

C1 – 6 ft Cedar Pickets with 3 rails. 6 FT Fence Height

C2 – 6 ft Cedar Pickets with 3 rails and a 2×6 bottom rot board. 6.6 FT Fence Height (Our recommended fence install choice)

C3 – 6 ft Cedar. Pickets with 3 rails and a 2×6 bottom rot board with a Top Cap. 6.8 FT Fence Height (Decorated fence style, especially for front facing sections)

Each of the options above can be modified to include 7 ft or 8 ft pickets if you desire. We can also upgrade the 2×6 bottom rot boards to 2×10 or even 2×12 if additional support or height is required.

All options include treated 4×4 pine post and treated pine 2×4 for rails. The frame of the fence is constructed using 3″ steel nails and the pickets are attached with 1 3/4″ galvanized ring shank nails. All of which are common in proper fence construction techniques.

Fence Installation Images

Manvel Texas Fence Installation - Cedar Picket Fence


Manvel Texas Fence Installation - Pine Picket Fence


Manvel Texas Fence Installation - New Double Gate Front


Manvel Texas Fence Installation - New Double Gate Back


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